Where can I stick my vinyl decals?
You can apply vinyl wall decals almost anywhere! Vinyl wall decals work on any smooth, flat, dry and clean surfaces
such as walls, mirrors, refrigerators, laptop covers, glasses, windows and furniture.
Are Styleywalls Wall Decals removable and reusable? Will they damage my wall?
If you rent an apartment and wish to decarote but not wanting to damage the wall, you can get Styleywalls Wall Decals. 
Our decals are easy to install and removable, they will not damage your wall however may not be repositioned or reused 
once applied to your wall or surface.
How do I remove my vinyl wall decals?
Our wall decals can be removed easily by slowly peeling them off by the edge. You may also a hair dryer (on low heat) and
then peel up slowly, the heat will soften the adhesive side of the wall decal and should help you to remove it easily.
I have textured walls, will Styleywalls Wall Decals stick to my wall?
We use the top quality vinyl material for our decals which is for indoors and removable however the decals will not work on 
textured walls, especially to heavily textured walls. If you are not sure whether your wall is suitable for decals, please feel free
to contact us for assistance. You can send over your wall photo for advise or request a sample decal to test your wall.
How easy is it to install Styleywalls wall decals?
We'd have to say that it is a fairly easy process. We include step by step instructions and have online video tutorials.
When will I receive my order?
We produce and ship the items within 2-3 business days after the original order. We ship all the packages by registered mail with 
a tracking number. The delivery time takes up to 14-16 business days. If you need the item faster we will be happy to offer you the
express shipping option, it takes up to 3-5 business days to receive. For more details please read the shipping section.
Is your vinyl eco-friendly?
Yes! And it is best for kids’ rooms! The vinyl that we are using for decals has been certified a Green Product by Det Norske Veritas for 
meeting certification standards for process and environmental impact. The raw vinyl, manufactured Oracal, has the greenest process 
of any vinyl manufacturer. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their process to reduce waste and pollution to offset their 
environmental footprint.
Where is the Color Chart?
Please see our color chart in the item's listing page or  click here.
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